Coding for Urinary Stone Disease, A Comprehensive Review for 2020

Live Webinar | Michael A. Ferragamo | From: Jun 16, 2020 - To: Dec 31, 2020

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The treatment of stone disease of the urinary tract is an everyday event for most urological practices. Recent changes in diagnoses with the new ICD-10-CM code sets, new treatment clinical stone scenarios, and changes in billing policies for both Medicare and commercial carriers make coding for urinary stone services confusing to both new and experienced coders.
This webinar will provide the attendees with the new rules and an understanding of these rules to allow them to properly and accurately code and avoid mistakes that may lead to audits, fines, and subsequent loss of revenue.

Coding Points that will be presented and discussed for clarity of understanding include:-

  • A re-review of the new ICD-10-CM diagnostic codes to be used for urinary stone disease,
  • Review of the coding rules for the treatment of multiple stones within the urinary tract,
  • Coding for ureteroscopic treatment of bilateral stones during one encounter,
  • How to code for percutaneous nephrostolithotomy, PCNL, to receive optimal reimbursements,
  • How to use the various modifiers when coding for the treatment of ipsilateral multiple stones,
  • Coding for treatment of small, large, or multiple bladder stones,
  • Proper coding for placement, removal, and removal and replacement of stents or ureteral catheters,
  • How to code for the treatment of stone formation in intestinal urinary diversions  
  • and much more.

Tools and Benefits:-

Tools and benefits one will receive after attending this presentation will include coding tips and references to actual clinical stone cases and scenarios of urinary stone disease to enhance education and learning the correct and proper coding for these stone services so as to receive correct reimbursements and avoid denials.

Who should Attend:-

Urologists, non-physician providers, coders, billers, and all staff and office personnel involved in the certification, prior authorization, coding, and posting of payments for the treatment of urinary stone disease.