People are Stressed and Angry; Keep Your Cool, Your Customers and Others

Live Webinar | Anne Sadovsky | From: Nov 16, 2022 - To: Dec 31, 2022

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We live in stressful times. Everyone one in a customer service business experiences shouting, cursing, threats and hostility. This class gives real life lessons on staying calm, words to use to calm others ; it is better to be kind than “right.”

Areas Covered:-

  • Controlling your own temper
  • A list of words to use
  • A list of words NOT to use
  • Body language matters
  • Ways to show interest in the customer
  • Recognize your personality type

Why Should You Attend?

Not only will you learn how to keep your cool, you will learn calming words and behaviors. You will be the peacemaker. Customer service is difficult in today’s world. Horror stories are all over the news. Using these tools, you will not only calm others, but you will retain their business.

Who Should Attend?

Multi-family and any others who interact with the public